Patient Advocate & Policy Advisor: Dr. Angela Mailis

Dr. Angela Mailis has distinguished herself not only as a leading figure in the field of pain management but also as a passionate patient advocate and influential policy advisor. Her efforts have bridged the gap between clinical practice and healthcare policy, ensuring that the voices of individuals suffering from chronic pain are heard at the highest levels of decision-making.

GPT As a Patient Advocate, Dr. Angela Mailis champions the needs and rights of patients within the healthcare system, focusing particularly on those dealing with pain management issues.

Key Roles and Contributions

Member of the Knowledge Translation/ Outreach/ Communication (KTOC) Committee” since Jan 2020 and the Ontario Chronic Pain Network (OCPN)

Participated in all MPP breakfast sessions organized by ACTION Ontario and delivered keynote presentation to Ministers of Health

Deputant to the STANDING COMMITTEE ON SOCIAL POLICY on Bill 101, Queens’ Park, 18 October 2010

Member of the Narcotics Advisory Panel of Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Helen Stephenson 2009-2010

Ad Hoc consultant to the Federal Minister of Health (2000, 2016)

Advisor to Ontario Minister of Health re: Comprehensive Pain Strategy (2011- present)

Founding member and chair of not-for-profit ACTION Ontario for patients with chronic pain (2005-2022)

Visual Journey: Patient Advocate & Collaboration in Action

This section showcases a curated collection of photographs capturing Dr. Angela Mailis’s pivotal moments of advocacy, collaboration, and influential interactions with policymakers and healthcare leaders. Each image is a testament to her dedicated efforts in patient advocacy and her role as a policy advisor, providing a unique glimpse into the impactful work behind the scenes.