Dr. Angela Mailis Sharing Expertise in Pain Management & Pain Education

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Mailis has been at the forefront of pain education, providing valuable insights and training to diverse audiences.

Dr. Angela Mailis is a Pain Education Educator

Pioneering Pain Education

Has delivered numerous lectures on pain to scientific audiences at local, national, and international levels, as well as educational lectures for the general public, specifically focusing on chronic pain.

Has trained and continues to train numerous physicians, medical students, undergraduates and allied health providers on pain diagnosis and management.

Has agreed to write a monthly pain-related columns for Medical Post under the heading PAIN POINTS (2024-onwards).

Has written a monthly pain article for the members of the Canadian Association for Retired Persons electronic newsletter (2009-2014).

Has written consistently on pain issues for the OUCH newsletter of ACTION Ontario (2009-2018).

Has written educational booklets on opioid prescribing and neuropathic pain distributed to thousands of physicians across the country.