Smart, Successful and Abused: The Unspoken Problem of Domestic Violence and High-Achieving Women

Smart, Successful and Abused is the result of Dr. Mailis’ search for answers to these questions, a search that has taken her to the frontiers of medical research, into the homes and offices of successful career women caught in violent or emotionally abusive relationships, and deep into her own experience as an abused spouse. Her conclusions and advice will help entrapped women recognize and deflate the delusions that prevent them from acting in their best interests.

Smart, Successful & Abused: The Unspoken Problem of Domestic Violence and High-Achieving Women by Dr. Angela Mailis

Excerpts from Smart, Successful and Abused

“If you are educated, intelligent and strong in other areas of your life, it’s hard to imagine that you are a victim, but it happens. Dr. Mailis brings the intimacy and empathy of her own experiences together with her professional insights to empower women and jump-start a much-needed dialogue.”

Jane Francisco

Editor-in-chief, Good Housekeeping and editorial director, Hearst Lifestyle Group

“Smart, Successful & Abused opened my eyes and shattered my own unconscious bias about the profile of a domestic abuse victim. Dr. Mailis draws the reader into this complex and troubling topic with a compelling combination of research, observations and personal storytelling. I could not put the book down once l started, intrigued to understand more so that I could recognize the signs and support women in my network who may be struggling. “

Beth Wilson

CEO Dentons Canada

….. A valuable blend of research and anecdotes that explores why successful women experience abuse. 

Kirkus Indie

Review Posted Online: June 12th, 2019

“Angela Mailis’s important, timely book is a much-needed addition to literature on intimate-partner violence. Through her own gripping story and those of other high-achieving women, Dr. Mailis shatters stereotypes about domestic abuse, reveals a little-studied population, and communicates the vital message that verbal and psychological abuse is as damaging as physical attacks.”

Annie Kingston

Journalist and author of The Meaning of Wife

…. Her book is objective regarding her situation and the situations of other high-achieving women, including doctors, lawyers, and business owners, who lead dual lives: projecting success, yet finding themselves subservient to their abusers at home.

…. The book identifies the characteristics of a bad relationship, suggests ten main reasons why high-achieving women are susceptible to abuse, and reveals the surprising reasons that such women give for staying with their abusers. 

…. Eloquent and moving, the work is objective, compassionate, and research-based. It examines existing literature, analyzes what constitutes physical and emotional abuse, and helps to identify abuse in relationships. Its powerful true stories are its most central feature. An impactful call to women to tell their stories, express their pain and outrage, and educate and empower each other is issued, and the book’s sensibilities are urgent.

….. Smart, Successful and Abused is an important contribution to discussions of abusive relationships.

Kristine Morris

CLARION REVIEWS, August 13, 2019, Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5